Relay attributes

Torch Attributes-fakel

The Universiade Torch represents a stylised tulip which contains the Latin letter 'U', a mandatory element to brand any sporting event held under the auspices of FISU. The basis of the torch design is the so-called floral style which is an essential part of the Tatar ornament.

Universiade Torch Relay lantern Attributes-kolba

The Universiade Torch Relay lantern is a specially designed lantern made in the shape of an antique lamp carrying the logo of the 27th Summer Universiade. Tatar national patterns used to decorate the lantern perfectly balance its contemporary design.

City Cauldrons Attributes-chasha

Arrival of the 27th Summer Universiade Flame in cities and towns along the Relay route is marked with fantastic festivities and live performances. Each celebration will culminate in the lighting of a City Cauldron. This spectacular event which is expected to bring thousands of citizens together is designed to promote the Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade across the country.