27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Russian national field hockey team wins gold medals at Universiade

The Russian national men's field hockey team beat France in the final match at the Universiade in Kazan and won the first place in the tournament.


Universiade. Day 10. Field hockey. Men. Final. © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich

The match ended with the score 2-1 in favor of the Araik Margaryan's team. Pavel Plesetskii and Anton Kornilov from the winning team scored the goals on the 19th and 42nd minutes. Gaspar Baumgarten scored a goal for the French team scored (on the 34th min).

The Russians started with the bat and brought down the series of the rapid attacks on the opponents. During the fifteen minutes they had threatened the gates of the French team for the three times at close range – twice accuracy let them down, but at the third time the goalkeeper reacted and sticked the ball.

The guests were not going to sit back at their end and started the attack, in which they struck near the gates. To compare, the Russians were accurate in the next attack – Plesetskii opened the score. At the 29th minute, Igor Sinyagin almost doubled the score when came from the flank and shot from an acute angle. The French goalkeeper was on guard. Three minutes later, the Russian goalkeeper had to relieve his team jumping to the competitor's feet.

In the end of the half the Frederic Soye's team managed to equalize the score. The tournament holder started the second half in a similar fashion as the first one. On the 40th minute, Kornilov shot to the far post, where with nobody covered Plesetskii could only substitute a stick to hit the empty corner, but the Russian missed. Soon, Kornilov himself got a chance to hit the gates, and did not miss it - 2:1. The end of the game was held with the overwhelming superiority of the home team, but the score no longer changed.

R-Sport, July 15