27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Table tennis. Results of tournament

On July 15, the table tennis tournament came to the end at the 27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013.

More than two hundred athletes from 20 countries were awarded 7 medal events.


Universiade. Day 7. Table Tennis © RIA Novosti/Aleksander Kryazhev

The team from Japan won the Summer Universiade 2013 gold medal in the women’s team scoring, Chinese Taipei tennis players from China won the silver medal. The teams from Russia and China obtained the bronze medals. The national team of China became the gold medal winner beating the athletes from Japan in finals. Athletes from Russia and Chinese Taipei got the bronze medals.

Japanese team Rika Suzuki/Kasahara Hiromitsu got the gold medal in the mixed event, their compatriots Koki Niwa/Misato Niwa won the silver medal. Bronze medals were awarded to team from China (Yuefei Ma / Yizheng Xia) and Russia (Antonina Savelyeva /Aleksander Shibaev).


Universiade. Table tennis. Women. Doubles semifinal © RIA Novosti/Aleksander Kryazhev

Chinese Taipei team I-chen Lee/Chia-hui Lin won the gold medal in the women’s doubles event. Chinese athletes Yue Jiang/Xiaoxi Che won the silver medal. Russian athletes Yana Noskova/Elena Troshneva and Japanese ones Yuka Ishigaki/Riyo Nemoto got the bronze medals. The team from Chinese Taipei (Hung-chieh Chiang/Sheng-sheng Huang) took the first place in the men’s event. Russian team Mikhail Paykov/Viacheslav Burov got the silver medal, one more Russian team Aleksander Shibaev/Kirill Skachkov and athletes from France Thomas Le Breton/Romain Lorentz obtained bronze medals.

Chinese athlete Xiaoxi Che got the gold medal in the women’s singles event, her team partner Zheng Shichang got the silver medal. The bronze medals were awarded to Japanese athlete Yuka Ishigaki and one more Chinese team member Yuefei Ma.


Universiade. Day 10. Table tennis © RIA Novosti/ Aleksander Kryazhev

Tennis players from China met in the final event. The gold medal was awarded to Yi Liu. Kun Shang won the silver medal. Koki Niwa (JPN) and Chien-an Chen (TPE) shared bronze medals.

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