27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Today in the Universiade Park, the trio Jukebox will perform

We are proud that we are Universiade Ambassadors. This was announced today at a press conference at the Tatar-Inform Information Agency by the members of the Jukebox band, Ilya Ivanov (beatbox), Vladimir Ivanov (lead vocals) and Harry Kraulis (bass).

The producer of the band, Valery Maryanov, also attended the press conference.

“A lot of fans are offended that the band rarely comes to Kazan, saying we are conceited,” shared producer Valery Maryanov. “There simply were no occasions, like this wonderful opportunity, the Universiade.” This year, the group has performed at this very stage on New Year’s Eve. The bass player of the trio noted that the day was very cold, and it affected the operation of equipment.  

Today, the group will perform at the Universiade Park – a site that has become especially popular during the days of the Cultural Universiade. The concert will be held today at 20:00. “During 40 minutes, we will play the best hits,” said bass player Harry Kraulis. “It'll be fun.”

We should recall that the Jukebox band members are Ambassadors of the 27th World University Games. The boys admitted that this fact is a matter of pride for them.


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