27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Nobuyuki Asai: Putin asked us to field strong sambo team

The member of the Executive Committee of the Sambo International Federation Nobuyuki Asai spoke about the development of sambo in Japan and its future worldwide.

- How is sambo developing in Japan?  What was the impetus?

- Three years ago there was a meeting between Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and the judo legend Yasuhiro Yamashita.  At that time Russia’s President said that sambo is included in the Universiade programme, and asked us to field a strong team.  That would strengthen friendship between Russia and Japan.

- How is sambo developing in Japan?

- I was the one whom Yasuhiro Yamashita charged with developing sambo in Japan.  We conducted a university competition for the Russian President's Cup in sambo, which served as a qualifying championship before the 2013 Summer Universiade.

- Are you pleased with the athletes’ performance? Would you say that the development of sambo in Japan will continue?

- Of course, I am pleased. Today Japan has four medals in sambo: two gold, a silver and a bronze.  I think that we fulfilled Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s task.  We are planning to hold the Russian President’s Cup in sambo annually, and organise other competitions in this sport as well.

- Could you appraise the significance of sambo’s addition to the Universiade programme?

- It is remarkable. We waited and dreamed of it. And here we are at the Kazan Universiade. Thank you very much – you have hosted us at the highest level. The Universiade was splendidly organised!

- How intently are the results of the Universiade followed in Japan?

- These competitions are very significant.  Our team has over 400 athletes.  Everyone is taking it to heart, supporting our athletes.  The competitions are watched on TV and online.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate