27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Nabiev: After the victory at the Universiade, Ekimov can also win at the European Championship 2013

The Universiade champion in the 25m air pistol event, Leonid Ekimov, will improve for the European Championship and will be able to win the tournament, the head coach of Russia Igor Nabiev said to the agency R-Sport.


Universiade. Shooting. Men. 50 m air pistol. Team tournament © RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

Ekimov, after winning the gold medal at the Universiade, said that he was displeased with the result,  he would need to improve for the European Championship, which will start in late July. "He, of course, missed a couple of points, and it is clear that he can not be happy. But I can not say that Ekimov declines. Maybe before the Universiade he overworked a little, participating in lots of competitions. But in general, we tried to prepare them (the athletes) correctly. They did not have the aim to show all their best at the Universiade. The energy should maintain, yet the European Championship is a little bit more important for us in order to perform in full force there. In this exercise Ekimov is able to win at the European Championship, and the team, I think, will also win,"- Nabiev said. “If they were really great at the Universiade, and then would declined, then it would be unknown what would be at the European Championship. And now the result is average. And there is still time, eight days, five or six trainings to bring the guys into the normal fit. We make preparation in that way that everything will be competent, on the rise,"- he added. According to the coach, for the Russian shooters the Universiade became a very important start in terms of experience. "The Universiade was for us a great rehearsal for the European Championships - Nabiev told to the agency R-Sport. - Before the European Championships at the training camp we will try to remove those flaws that have to keep (the shooters) in a normal fit and to perform worthy. All of these guys are going to the European Championship, Mikhail Nestruev, Alexei Klimov will join them. Therefore, we would like that everybody perform there even better, because they are well prepared”.




R-Sport, July 17