27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Luginets: Russian shooters finished the Universiade well

The holder of the last Universiade gold shooter Nazar Luginets stated that the winning of two gold medals in shooting singles on the last day of the Universiade is a very well completion of the performance.

On the completing day of the Universiade Russians won two gold medals in shooting: Ekimov won in 25 m standard pistol shooting event, Luginets was the best in 50 m rifle shooting from tree positions.


Universiade. Shooting. Men. Rifle three positions. 50 m. Finals © RIA Novosti/Valery Melnikov

"I am glad for Lenya Ekimov very much. Two gold medals in singles are a good completion of these competitions. It is a little bit upsetting that we took second place in team events in both exercises, but I think that other athletes also tried to do their best, and they will appreciate this silver. This Universiade passed well for the shooting team, above the average. It showed that Russia also has promising young shooters who gained a great experience here," Luginets said in the conversation with the R-Sport journalist. Despite the remoteness of the Shooting Complex in Kazan, fans were there everyday. "Fans helped me greatly at the Universiade, they didn't draw me away. Chinese players were obviously distracted by fans. My Chinese rival shot very well at the World Cup in America in May, I took the fifth and he - the third place, and here in the final he faltered," he made a conclusion.


R-Sport, July 17