27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Сoming Almaty 2017 Winter Universiade introduced in Universiade Park

The hosts of the Winter Universiare Almaty 2017 introduced the public to the upcoming sports festival. For this, they used the possibilities of one of the most visited areas of the Culture Universiade, the Universiade Park.


Head of the Public Relations and Promotion Department of the Universiade Almaty 2017 Didar Sagadiev told us what sports fans can expect at the World University Games in Kazakhstan.

What kinds of sports will be included in the Winter Universiade 2017 programme?

We will have 13 kinds of sports, 8 of them obligatory and 5 optional. The obligatory ones will be hockey, figure skating, cross-country skiing, mountain skiing, short track, snowboarding, biathlon, and curling. The optional ones will be Nordic combined, ski jumping, ski skating, free-style, and bandy (hockey with a ball, or Russian hockey).

Our hosting of the 2011 World Championship in Almaty was done at a high level, according to the assessments of international experts. Bandy is the English word for hockey with a ball. They call it ]Russian hockey' in Russia. According to the rules, the team consists of 11 people, and in distinction from traditional hockey, a ball is used instead of a puck. This kind of sport is very developed in both Europe and Russia.

The issue of whether to include ski orienteering is under examination. The International Federation of Ski Orienteering suggesting that this sport be added to the programme of the Winter Universiade, but right now we're trying to make this work with the possibility of holding the events inside facilities.

How is the infrastructure changing?

The legacy of the Asian Games remains. It should be noted that we have the  Baluan Sholak Palace of Culture and Sports, Shymbulak Mountain-Skiing Base, and Sunkar International Complex Ski Jumping. Naturally, these facilities are not enough. Two skating rinks will be built: the Ice Palace for 13 thousand people and Ice Arena for three thousand people, as well as the Athletic Village with a capacity of 5 thousand people and Media Centre with 500 people.

Will there be a cultural component?

The cultural programme is in the planning stage. The Asian Games showed that plusses have to be emphasized and minuses worked on. It's also necessary to take peoples' mindsets into account. In the winter, you need to create an atmosphere of spiritual warmth.

How does the population relate to the coming Universiade?

After the Asian Games, people understood how such events can leave a legacy behind. The Universiade is a global event that gives a very large push to development of the city's infrastructure.

How is the preparation of the team going?

A strategy is being worked out at the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Sports Affairs and Physical Culture based on regions with impressive indicators, as the country expects good results from its athletes. It should be noted that there are very many athletes who play winter sports in East Kazakhstan. In Almaty and Astana, athletes also are well-trained.

We know that Kazan broke the record for number of athletes. This makes us very glad, because Tatars are a brother people of Kazakhs. In Almaty, of course, we are trying to bring in the maximum number of countries possible, and so hospitable Kazakhs await every sportsman and every delegate. We want to see no fewer than 10 thousand athletes at the 27th Winter Universiade.

What is planned to be added to the Universiade in distinction from the Asian Games?

I'll give an example. After the Asian Games, sports clubs started to be created, especially for hockey. The future generation is training in the Balaun Ice Palace.

What impressed you about the Universiade in Kazan?

Coming to the Universiade was my fourth visit. During my last stay in Kazan before the Universiade, I thought it would hardly be possible to complete the colossal tasks that lay before the Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate. However, when I came to the Games, I saw that enormous work had been done and was happy for the people heading this project. I can only applaud our colleagues.

Kazan is a beautiful and historic city. The Kremlin alone is worth it!

The way the President of Tatarstan acted was impressive. He is a very spiritual person. We've gotten used to seeing presidents surrounded by a huge number of guards, but Rustam Minnikhanov is trying to take part in all the events connected with the Universiade.

What experience that you have received will you definitely take back to Almaty?

A large amount of volunteers have been working at the Universiade. They are all compassionate people. It would be good to bring volunteers to the Universiade in Almaty via motivation and advertisement.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate