27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Ivan Akman: The level of the Kazan Universiade is high even for the Olympics

The presentation of Krasnoyarsk, a candidate city for hosting the 29th Winter Universiade in 2019, took place in the Universiade Park. This event was meant to support Krasnoyarsk’s application. In addition, the Krasnoyarsk delegation is learning from the experience of staging such games in Kazan.


We spoke with the General Director of the Autonomous Non-profit Organisation “Sports Krasonyarsk 2019”, Ivan Akman, and discussed a number of issues relating to the Kazan Universiade and the future Winter Universiade of 2019.

- First of all, please tell us – are there many volunteers from Krasnoyarsk here, and in which functional areas are they active?

- 150 persons went to the Kazan Universiade as volunteers. They are working at a variety of sports venues. Additionally, 50 more volunteers are engaged in the Krasnoyarsk House, located in the Universiade Park.  They are also in charge of operating the stand at the Main International Center.  Besides their specific work duties, the volunteers also have a chance to see the city of Kazan.  I think that the most important issue is to understand how a Universiade might change a city, the thinking of its residents. One thing is to read or see a programme about the transformation of a city, and quite another is to see these changes firsthand.

- What events are you conducting at the 2013 Summer Universiade?

- As far as special events and competitions in the Universiade Park, they happen daily, and everyone can participate.  Every day we are conducting games with our U-Laika logos as prizes.  People answer questions about Krasnoyarsk, the Universiade and FISU, and the most active ones get our prizes.  There is also a skating rink in the Park, where every visitor can freely rent a pair of ice skates and give them a try.  A the start the Ambassador of the 2013 Universiade, figure skater Aleksey Yagudin conducted master-classes and shared his thoughts about the staging of the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk.  Actually, we didn’t expect such a wave of visitors: already on the second day of the Universiade many people would come to the rink with their own skates.  The number of visitors surpassed 600 in the first two days of operation.  In order to insure appropriate level of safety we had to put a limit on the amount of people who could simultaneously be on the rink.

- What are your overall impressions about the Universiade in Kazan?

- The impressions are very good, excellent in fact, because I can see the high level of preparation and staging. I would even say that this is one of the best FISU events. I don’t see any mistakes, which makes me happy.  While many people are saying that the Kazan Universiade is a preparation for the Sochi Olympics, I believe that the level of staging is high even for the Olympics. On the whole, I believe that the guests from Krasnoyarsk are particularly happy to learn from the experience of conducting the application campaign, since the principal thing at this stage is winning the competition. The preparation for the competitions is also important: logistics, volunteer selection, work on the venue, staging of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Kazan has developed a good base for conducting competitions at this level.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate