27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Athletes continue arriving in Kazan for World Fencing Championships

As early as tomorrow, July 15, the Tennis Academy will host the grand opening of the World Fencing Championships. The major transportation hub through which Kazan is welcoming athletes and team officials is the Kazan International Airport. Athletes continue arriving as we speak. Sunday and Monday are the busiest days for the OC's transportation team: up to 300 people arrived yesterday in Kazan and today the airport will welcome 200 more athletes and members of official delegations.


The tournament will bring together representatives of 102 nations. Those who arrived several days ago share their first impression of Kazan. "We've been staying in Kazan for two days now and are looking foward to the moment when the competition begins. We like it here - we have a nice lodging, a comfortable training hall and an excellent competition venue! Everything is perfect now. I think that getting medals is a challenging task for us but it would come as a pleasant surprise. We will be very happy if it happens! We haven't had time to go sightseeing so far but, I think, we'll have the opportunity this week," said Stephen Amell, the coach of the Canadian national team.


Evandro Oliveira, the coach of the Brazilian national team, fully agrees with his colleague. "Kazan is great! The city is beautiful, an excellent  environment is created for athletes here. We are delighted that volunteers are helping us so much, that they are so friendly. We arrived only a few days ago and are looking forward to the competition. I think that we have a good team and we'll do our best at the Championships," he said.


Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

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