27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Kazan 2013 World Cycling Tour: Bicycle tourists from Kazan meet other cycling enthusiasts in Irkutsk

The Kazan cyclists are continuing their journey across Russia, and they have already reached Irkutsk.

The round-the-world travellers wrote on their blog that their journey has not been easy at all: "The route from Slyudyanka to Irkutsk goes mainly through the mountains. At first, we went 1,000m up, but after that 800-950-metre waves started. The rain that we had at the bottom of mountains turned into snow on top of the mountains. The nature seemed to be stiff again because of the wintry cold. Later, we were faced with steep ascents (14%!), and finally we went downhill to Irkutsk."

Alen and Pavel shared their impressions of the city: "The city is quite extensive in terms of territory. It is located on both banks of the full-flowing Angara River, which makes the view from the bridge very spectacular. We made our way to the city centre first as the cyclists of Irkutsk had arranged to meet us there. They are not just cyclists – they are like-minded people who love this sport as much as we do. This summer, they are setting off on a big cycling tour Barcelona-Baikal which they call 'The Road Back Home'. They are great guys, and we sincerely wish them the best of luck," the cyclists wrote on their blog post. As Alen and Pavel report, there are many enthusiasts of this sport. It might be partly explained by a lot of traffic on the roads.

On Sunday, the cyclists from Kazan were invited to visit Listvyanka - it is another destination which is popular with Baikal tourists: "There is a national nature reserve here which covers an area of more than 400,000 ha, and, from the shore, you get a great view of Baikal and the Sayan Mountains. As they say, if you have not tried omul, you have not been to Baikal. We have tried omul – it is tasty, fleshy fish. The day went well on the whole, and that was also thanks to the bright weather, unlike we we had yesterday."

The round-the-world cycling trip dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the circumnavigational journey undertaken by Kazan-born Onisim Pankratov started off on 3 November 2012 in the capital of Tatarstan. The cyclists have already travelled through Europe and the USA and later went across China. The Kazan cyclists are now continuing their journey through Russia.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate