27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

BWF President to attend badminton competition at Summer Universiade

The President of the Badminton World Federation (BWF), Poul-Erik Høyer, is to attend the badminton competition at the Universiade in Kazan, said Andrei Antropov, Council Chairman of the National Badminton Federation of Russia at a press conference held at the Tennis Academy.

The BWF President will not only attend the competition, but will also inspect the venues prior to the 2014 European Championships, which are also to take place in Kazan. As such, the Universiade will become a dress rehearsal scrutinised by the BWF President prior to the European Championships. "Without a doubt, this is an important competition not only because this is the Universiade, but also because this is the first major start in Russia, namely in Kazan," said Antropov. "Because what's more, the European Championships will start here in April. The arrival of the international federation president tomorrow is very important for us."

The General Secretary of the European Federation of Badminton, Brian Agerbak, and the Chairman CT Badminton of International University Sports Federation (FISU), Roger Johansson, who supervised the preparation of the badminton competition at the Universiade, are already now in Kazan. "It is very important for us to hold this competition well and correctly, understand our mistakes, learn from them and hold a high-level competition in the future," added Antropov.  The badminton tournament is taking place at the Universiade from July 5-11. In total, six sets of medals will be awarded in this sport.

«R-Sport», 11 July 2013