27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Wrestler Tokov upset with winning only bronze at Universiade

Russian wrestler Arsen Tokov told the R-Sport agency that he is a bit disappointed with his results at the Universiade in Kazan, as originally he was psyched up to win.

The winners of the first sets of medals in wrestling at the Universiade in Kazan were decided on Sunday. Russian wrestler Tokov came in third, in the up to 82kg weight category. “Of course I am upset, because I was originally psyched up to win, but what can you do? This is the will of Allah. The toughest is the fight for third place. You need to prepare yourself for a second time, and, above all, to seize control over yourself, and only then can you defeat your opponent. Psychologically it was not easy, to say that I was very tired physically, I cannot. In what areas did my opponents get the better of me? I do not know the answer to this question,” Tokov told R-Sport.

«R-Sport», 28 July 2013