27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Konstantin Semenov: The match with the athletes from Hong Kong ended up being a warm-up

The Russian beach volleyball duo Yaroslav Koshkarev and Konstantin Semenov had an easy time winning over the Hong Kong duo Wong Pui Lam and Yeung Pok Man in the first match of the competition at the Universiade, stated Konstantin Semenov.

The Russians won with a score of 2-0 (21:11, 21:6). “Truthfully speaking, it just ended up being a warm-up match. There are strong teams in China, but these guys were very young, I’ve never seen them before in the World Series. Very young guys. We wanted to get a better score against them, but it turned out as it did. Usually we don’t compete against teams of this level at the World Series. After all, it’s mostly a gathering of duos that are all expecting to win, or to be on the podium, so there’s no point in weaker teams going there, they wouldn’t even get past the qualifying rounds,” Semenov told R-Sport.

“We have just arrived from the World Championships. We lost in the play-offs to the Brazilians with a score of 1-2. It was a really tough game, in the third set the Brazilians pulled out 5 aces and we weren’t able to win. And literally a day after that we had a connection in Moscow, we didn’t even have time to go home so we flew straight to Kazan,” he emphasized.

Koshkarev and Semenov will have their second match of the competition on Tuesday. They will face the Austrians volleyball duo Christoph Dressler and Fabian Kandolf.

«R-Sport», 7 July 2013