27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Svetlana Popova and Moore Russell tell secrets of beach volleyball

Beach volleyball competition at the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan are in full swing: play-offs started on 10th July

Beach volleyball has appeared in Russia recently: the first official competitions were held in the USSR in 1986. However, this very sport has managed to inflame the hearts of many people. At the Universiade this sport was first included in the Summer Universiade in Shenzhen in 2011, where the first place was won by Germany.

Very few people know the difference between the classic volleyball and beach volleyball. According to the press-VOL’s poll during the beach volleyball game, it was found that 80% of respondents see the main differences between the two types of volleyball in the court cover and the number of players. And yet these are not all the differences between the two versions of one game.

Beach volleyball field sizes are smaller than that of the classic - 16x8 m, whereas the usual – 18x9 m. The terms of the beach competition are tougher: athletes are forced to play in any weather, even in heavy rain the match will take place. The players’ uniform - is almost a bathing suit; moreover players have no shoes. Touching net and racks is permitted if it does not affect the further movement of the ball. Another important rule is that the coach of beach volleyball players can only be on the tribune.

Svetlana Popova, representing the Russian team in this discipline at the Universiade 2013 believes that the classic volleyball is much more difficult. "In this sport, you are responsible only for yourself and your partner, but classic volleyball team is very big, and you do not know how everyone plays, so matches are more difficult," - said the athlete. Despite the often harsh weather conditions, beach volleyball has a number of advantages, Svetlana marks. "During the beach volleyball game you feel spectators’ support, since so many people prefer to visit the outdoor games. It's so hard - playing without support! Moreover there is a totally different atmosphere, different conditions during beach volleyball game. There have been instances when we had to play in the rain, but more often we play in very hot weather, "catch" sunstroke, but we have already used to it! It's worth it! "- says Popova.

There is one more significant advantage in beach volleyball, says Moore Russell from the Australian team. "Secretly, I would say that the cost for beach volleyball is much lower than for the classic one. This applies to equipment, moving, living ... And in general, for me, beach volleyball is more interesting, because it looks beautiful and spectacular! "- told the athlete.

Application for participation in beach volleyball was filed by 132 athletes from 25 countries. Judging on the University is provided by 91 judges.

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