27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Gold medalist of the Universiade Huo Liang is proud of himself, his university and China

The gold medalist of the Universiade in Kazan in diving from the 10-meter platform, the Chinese Huo Liang said after the victory that he feels a sense of pride in himself, in his university and in his country.

On Wednesday in Kazan, Huo Liang won in the final jump from a 10-meter platform, in second place came his compatriot Wu Jun, with the Russian Viktor Minibayev coming in third. “I have pride in myself, in my country and my university. The tournament was very serious business, the Mexicans had the most difficult program, but they made ​​a lot of mistakes, and the Russians were also strong opponents,” Huo Liang told the correspondent from R-Sport. For this athlete, champion of the 2008 Olympic Games in synchronized diving, this was the first major success in an individual competition. “Yes, I am very pleased with this, it will give me more strength and confidence,” said Huo Liang.

R-Sport, July 10