27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Gymnast Kuksenkov does not expect to win three gold medals in Univerisade

Nikolai Kuksenkov, Russian gymnast who became the Kazan 2013 Universiade winner three times said that he did not expect to win three medals.

 Universiade. Artistic gymnastics.© RIA Novosti

On Wednesday Kuksenkov won the Universiade gold medal in the pommel horse exercise. Russian gymnast’s result is 15,050 points. Daniel Corral Barron (MEX) obtained the silver medal (14,975), and Oleg Stepko (UKR) got the bronze one (14,850).

Earlier, during the Games in Kazan, Kuksenkov (24 y.o.) won gold medals in team as well as individual all-round competitions.

'Did I expect to win three gold medals in the Universiade? No. I just performed what I could. I did not pose small problems. It is possible that not all of the strongest gymnasts participated in today’s pommel horse competition, that is why I won. Generally speaking, I have some acrobatic feats which I expect to perform in the nearest world championship in order to be more competitive,' says Kuksenkov to the R-Sport journalist. 'If you are the all-rounds competitions champion, then it does not mean you can compete with people having experience in some types. It is very difficult here, there is a strong competition. And if the girl wins all-round competitions in rhythmic gymnastics, it means she will win in other types. But there is another situation with the artistic gymnastics,' adds Kuksenkov.

According to the Russian athlete, he is going to make his programme stronger in 'all disciplines of artistic gymnastics'.'First of all, I need to tighten up hopping types as I have recently recovered my health after leg’s injury. Returning to all-rounds competitions is an achievement for me. And I do not say about victory and any medal. Returning after the Olympics, one year later, is very important for me,'mentions Kuksenkov.

R-Sport, July 10