27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Sinyagin: The Russian character trounced the South African field hockey team

The moral and staying qualities of the Russian field hockey team helped them at the Universiade to trounce the superior masters of the tournament, the South African team, announced the Russian player Igor Sinyagin.

The Russian team beat the South African team 4:2 in a match of the third round of the group stage of the Universiade in Kazan. The Russians won three times in three matches and are leading in group A. To go on to the final, first place in a group must be taken.

"We are very happy with today's victory", said Sinyagin. "However, the third match took very little time, and we had to win. These three victories practically guarantee that we will go on the final of the Universiade. First and foremost, we defeated the South Africans because of our commitment. We stand a little but lower in the ratings than South Africa does. Russian character and discipline won the day".

The Russians will hold their concluding match of the group stage on July 13 against the Polish team, which after three rounds has not won any points and is in last place.  "We will play against Poland just like with the other opponents in the group", Sinyagin said. "The coach may try to patch things up and get ready for the final. But as a whole you can’t let your guard down in the last match; you have to play to win with any team".

R-Sport, July 11