27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Tutor Andrei Picl: Project U-Media is programme for young reporters

During preparations for the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan a unique international school was set up for young sports journalists called U-Media. A participant in the programme, Alsu Mannapova, did her first interview in English with Andrei Pisl, a tutor at U-Media.

How did you become a tutor at the international school for young sports journalists U-Media?

- I work as a communications manager at the European University Sports Association (EUSA). Also I work on FISU’s press committee, and thus I knew about and even participated in preparing for the programme.

Where did you get your education?
- I studied at the Lublanska University in Slovenia. Actually by profession I am not a journalist like Chris, for example, (Christian Piere is a curator at U-Media). Currently I work in the field of communications.

You must be very keen on sports?
- When I was young I didn’t really like sports. But now, having grown up, I think sport is wonderful thing, especially university sport: it combines a sports career with education – this is the best that we have. As a result, we get doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists and other specialists who also have a sports background. And this is good not only for their health, but also for the social aspects of their lives.
Have you participated in previous Universiades?
 - The first Universiade that I participated in was in 2005 in Izmir (Turkey). At that time I was an assistant covering some events and was a communications representative for the media. And since then I have not missed a single Universiade. During the Summer and Winter Universiades of 2005-11 I was a member of the national delegation of Slovenia, working in different roles: official representative, media, assistant to the head of the delegation, and later head of the delegation.

Were you at the Opening Ceremony for the Games in Kazan?

- What we saw here in Kazan was surprising – 45,000 viewers! But even at the Opening Ceremonies of other Universiades where only 10,000 persons were clapping and loudly welcoming us, you still feel yourself part of something big!

I would like to talk a little bit about the students at U-Media. What do you think about their potential?
- I believe many of them are very excited that they are in this school. Some already have work experience as journalists. For these students this is an opportunity for them to test themselves. And some participants had the desire to start to learn, and they were interested in this. For them, this project is a totally new experience.  

I know, or I believe, that in the Russian group there is also something similar. But on the other hand, in our group English is only the native language of four participants. Thus, language is another barrier that we need to overcome. 

Do you like the programme?
- The programme is wonderful. The organising committee did a great job and invited real professional speakers with a wealth of experience.
And in conclusion, please tell us how your typical day goes?
- Little time for sleep. I work with students until two in the morning, followed by consultations with tutors and visits to sports venues. During the day I conduct individual consultations with students and follow their work. Sometimes I meet with people about their work questions that are not related to our project. Afterwards I answer those who sent their work. They are having success. Of course this is not 100% progress, but we make small steps forward everyday.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate