27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Volleyball. Preview of a competition day

On 13th July at the 27th World University Summer Games quarterfinals in men's tournaments and semifinals in the women's ones will be played in the Bustan Sports Complex, Zilant Sports Comlex, Olympiets Sports Complex, Saint Petersburg Volleyball Centre and Tulpar Sports Complex.

Matches for places from 9 to 23 among men's teams will be also played. The Russian men's team in its quarterfinal will meet with the team of Brazil who lost in the tournament only once, however passing the group stage with four wins in a row.

The Ukrainian national team will play against Canada. The meeting is going to be hard, since the Canadians have also passed their group quite impressively, but the Ukrainians  have done it without defeats at all. Yet another strong teams of Korea and Poland will struggle for the semifinal in the Saint Petersburg Volleyball Centre. 

Among the struggles for places in the bottom of the table it should be noted a match Estonia - Switzerland who will struggle for places from 9 to 16 and China - USA - this pair will compete for places from 17 to 20.

Among women Brazil and Poland will compete in the semifinals, the Russians will face off with the national team of Thailand. Yesterday it was played the quarterfinals among women's teams, as well as games for places from 9 to 16. The Thailanders made short work of the  Canadians - 3:0. The Brazilians - of the Japanese women - 3:1.

The Czech athletes in the first game for places from 9 to 16 outplayed the Chinese women – 3:2, and Slovakia took the game against the United States 3:0. The Russians dealt shortly with Chinese Taipei. It was recorded here the final score of 3:0 (25:21, 25:17, 26:22).

Let us remind that at the Summer Universiade 2013 volleyball competitions are held between 6th  and 16th July. In the team competition in volleyball it will be played 2 medal events. 428 athletes from 25 countries have made applications for participation in the volleyball competition.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate