27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Coach Kobzev: Tiredness and injuries affect Russian hockey players performance

Field hockey women’s national team of Russia experiences difficulties in the Summer Universiade 2013 matches through accumulated tiredness and injuries of team full-backs, states Vladimir Kobzev, the chief coach of Russia's national team.

On Friday Russia national team drew with the team from Belarus scoring 2ˣ2 in team final round match of the Games in Kazan. Russian players took the second place in the team tournament and they will play against South Korea's national team. "The game was hard. Theoretically, we played a hundred percent, but at the end of the match we "stroke out" and conceded two goals. What can we do here? Our full-backs virtually play without substitution because of the injuries of other girls. This line was the most played earlier, but we had to remove the full-back in the centre. From this, there is misunderstanding. One more thing that affects tournament is tiredness. They play three matches without substitution," says Kobzev.

"We would like to have such games more, continues Russian expert. But matches of such level practically take place once in five years. And now we have three failures at once.  This is a great burden for our players. One more thing here is their performance at home tournament; they understand that the whole country worries about them."


Universiade. Field hockey. Women. Russia - Korea © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Astapkovich

Russian players lost the game to the Korean team scoring 1:2 at the group stage.  "South Korea has a very good team. We played against them very badly. Girls even had a good laugh at themselves when they watched the match once again. Yeah, we played only 40 percent. As if we were gathered at the station and driven to play. We will try to play in a different way. If we correct those mistakes, then, of course, we will be able to compete with this team. They oppressed us, but the score 1:2 and then we could draw during the last minute", mentions Kobzev. "It should be mentioned that we participate in the tournament of such importance for the first time. It is possible that not all of the favourites came to the Universiade, but as for importance, as for overpressure, we have never participated in such tournaments", adds Kobzev.

R-Sport, July 13