27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Coach Wing Sang Kwan: We have learnt a lot of new things about Russia

The volleyball player Pui Yiu Kwok and the coach Wing Sang Kwan, the representatives of the volleyball team from Hong Kong, told about the preparation for the Universiade and the impressions of Kazan.

- How is your training day usually organised?

Kwan: Usually, we devote a whole day to training, as today, for example. Before the match, we always psych ourselves up for the concrete game, focus on the game against the certain rival and choose the appropriate strategy, and at the same time, we go about our business.

- What duties do you have as a player and as a coach respectively?

Kwok: We take the coach’s advice in any situations: while preparing for the competitions, during training, as well as during the games. We try to do what the coach tells us.

Kwan: I am responsible for recruitment of players who began to be selected three months before the Universiade start. And we have been actively training since that time. I try to pay individual attention to each game, plan various strategies we will use in the game against a rival team.

- Do you find spare time for hobby, for instance?

Kwok: We like music. When we have spare time, we listen to pop-music in any situations and everywhere – in buses, locker rooms. We like to dance as well.

Kwan: We also have a guitar, and we even made a music video and posted it on the Internet.

- Do you like Kazan? Do people in your homeland know anything about our city?

Kwok: The city is very beautiful, we liked it. Unfortunately, there was not much time to see all its sights, as we are constantly training. We get the city by bus and see it through the window. However, we liked the Kazan’s views, especially the mosques. They are impressively beautiful.

Kwan: People of our native land know, unfortunately, little about Kazan. And before we had come here, we got the information about your city from the Internet, searched for the places to visit, famous and beautiful sights on a map.

- Did you visit the Opening Ceremony? What are your impressions of it?

Kwan: Yes, we did and we liked it, it was very beautiful and bright. We have learnt a lot of new and interesting things about both Russia and Kazan, about people and culture. We were especially impressed by the fireworks. In general, the Ceremony was very stylish.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate