27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Goldobina: Shooter Ekimov can show better results in Universiade

Leonid Ekimov, a leader of the Russia national team could show better results in air pistol shooting in the Universiade; the team could be more successful, states Tatyana Goldobina, the head coach of the national junior shooting team, to the R-Sport agency.

On Saturday, Russians won bronze medals in the 10 m air pistol shooting event. The South Korean national team won gold medals. The national team of China took the second place. Nikolai Kilin, the only Russian athlete scoring 580 points, got to the finals. The leader of the Russia national team, Leonid Ekimov, took the ninth place (574), and Alexey Yaskevich (565) took the twentieth place.

"We expected for higher team place. The difference between the first and the second places is slight. Yaskevich hit few times; of course, Ekimov was expected to hit more, he is a leader. We expected the guys will show better results.  As for Kolya Kilin, he was up to the mark, he just left the junior team last year. Now he has better results. Individual final competitions will be held from scratch. Just few people got used to new rules, that is why this is a lottery for everyone", says Goldobina.

Ekimov who was a leader of the Russia national team during the 2012 Olympic Games said after the event he was unlucky this time.

"He had to take a break after the Olympics, he cannot work without rest all these years; it is very difficult. It is a tactical mistake. It is possible that periods of work and rest were chosen wrongly. ", suggests Goldobina. Ekimov will be performing in three more exercises. "Ekimov is always a national team leader in team events, that is why we, of course, expect him to make breakthrough. I hope, it will be", concludes Goldobina.  

The Kazan 2013 Universiade will come to the end in July 17.

R-Sport, July 13