27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Runner Mzazi: The gold medal of the Universiade was necessary to my friends, my country and me

The gold medalist in the half marathon Sibabalwe Gladwin Mzazi from South Africa told about his impressions of the competitions, shared his plans for the future and told about the qualities the athlete should possess.


Universiade. Day 7. Half marathon © RIA Novosti

- When I was running the distance - says Sibabalwe - already on the 15th lap I understood that I could win. And during the run I was thinking how to overtake the competitors and win a medal, which my teammates, my country and I needed ...
- Tell us something about yourself, your family.

- I was born in the sportive family, in East Cape, South Africa. My father in his youth was also a long distance runner, my mother  was concerned in the long jump. So I did not have a choice - sport has been presented in my life since the birth.
- What do the World University Games mean for you?
- For me, this is the fourth Universiade. Before this Universiade at the University Games I won at 10 000 m distance, but I won the half marathon for the first time and I am very happy with this fact. These games are as if created for me - a step to participate in the Olympic Games in Brazil. Although getting there will be very difficult, I usually take part in the qualifying competitions of the E category, while the atletes from the A and B categories participate in the Olympic Games. But I will try.

- Do you believe in superstitions?
- I consider myself as a religious person, I am a Christian and I believe in God. Always refer to him, ask for help, pray in the morning and evening. And it was also before the run - I prayed and asked to help me to win, apparently he heard me, and the gold medal is in my hands. I am very happy.

- Do you have a dream?
- Yes, I want to be an Olympic champion like my idol Mo Farah. He is also a long distance runner, and I would like to reach his heights.
- What are the three qualities that are needed to win in athletics?

- In my opinion, for the athletes, as well as for any sportsman, for the victories respect for the opponents, constant work and aspiration are important.
- Share your impressions of Russia and Kazan.
- I heard about Russia that it is very cold there, but coming here, I was convinced of the opposite. And very happy about that, because now it is cool in my country, but I do not like the cold. I have the warm memories from Kazan, the people are friendly, and I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate