27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Money can't buy the best

Citizens and guests of Kazan had a chance to check this saying at national but, rather, international holiday Sabantuy which was held this year under the flags of Universiade in township Mirny.

This day gathered thousands of people who can enjoy the beauty and large scale of Tatar festival free of charge. Guests of the holiday dived into the flavour of village life at wooden log cabins made in the style of manors. Each person milled grain into flour and kneaded the dough, tasted the national Tatar sweet - chak-chak.

Men stood with a hammer at the anvil and turned usual coins into souvenirs. Some most warlike of them participated in the national wrestling koresh, fought with pillows, and even used chain armour.

Girls and women sat at a spinning wheel or loom, wove cloth with 10 sacred symbols and made mascot dolls. Mascots at Sabatuy were rag and made of bast. Each such doll has its own sense and function.

Potteries were working at some places. Master taught to use potter;s wheel to produce ceramic ware,  in another corner girl kneaded clay and created souvenir bells by hand, and you could learn all the secrets of pottery ... from the merchant.

Did you know that the boots (valenki) are made of autumn wool because it shrinks better? And did you know that felt footwear is look first like a big bag, and only then it takes its usual for us size? These secrets were told us by Master of Kukmor.

On a distant street master - furrier sat who knew the secret to make natural dyes for leather. This recipe is 12 centuries old and you can get it...for "nothing".

Swing, tug of stick and rope, game "hit a pot with a stick" and folk dances - how much of fun at Sabantuy. Each visitor could find something for himself. The holiday not only united people of different nationalities but also helped people to see new colours of the world. Elderly men as youngsters were joking with girls dressed in national costumes and ladies who glowed red. Grandmothers held their grandfathers hand in hand, and you could guess their past youth in smiles. This day the township Mirny presented its guests with a little bit of happiness. Thanks to Sabantuy! Thanks to Kazan! Thanks to Universiade!

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate