27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Karaulov called the mat on which wrestlers competed in Kazan awful

Universiade bronze medalist Vasily Karaulov of Russia said that one of the reasons he didn’t place higher than third in Kazan was the mat at Tatneft Arena.

Karaulov placed third in the wrestling tournament in the 52 kg weight category.

"I'm very upset, as I could really have won. To me this is like a defeat. Firstly, luck was not on my side today; secondly, I'm not in the best shape; and, well, thirdly, the carpet was just awful. It is very hard to fight on: if you try to do something, your legs sprawl", Karaulov told reporters. "The mood was excellent, the warm up good, but I wasn’t able to get going", he added. The Russian also noted that the final result was influenced by the unlucky weight cut. "I am not very fit. I cut a lot, 7 kg. So today, my head was spinning. Plus the weighing in was not conducted as usual, at 2-4 hours in the day, but 7-8 in the morning, so there was much less recovery time. This, too, played a role”, Karaulov said.

R-Sport, July 14