27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Sambo wrestler Rumyantsev said he did not keep his emotions at bay in the final of the Universiade

Kazan Universiade champion, Russian sambo wrestler Pavel Rumyantsev told reporters that the preliminary round of the competition was not easy for him, because he lacked emotions which had an effect only in a final fight.

On Sunday Rumyantsev won a gold medal at the Universiade sambo tournament  in the weight category up to 90kg, defeating in the final the representative of Tajikistan Komronshoh Ustopiriyon,1-0.


Universiade. Day 9. Sambo © RIA Novosti / Anton Denisov

'' I had hard times at preliminary fights, heavily affected by the end of the season. I was fatigued, and I lacked emotion in the preliminary bouts. But in the final, thanks to the same audience, emotions broke out. I scored during the tournament. Doubts (in success) did not creep in, but the most difficult fight was the final. I had gotten very strong, though a young rival. Maybe he lacks experience, but in the future he'll show himself in a most amiable light", - said Rumyantsev to the reporters.

Rumyantsev won the 100th gold for Russia at the Kazan Universiade. The athlete said that it has no special meaning for him. "This medal was not the hundredth thanks to me, but thanks to those 99 athletes who did this for me. I haven't thought about it yet. It's nice that our team did so well on the first day".

Russian sambo wrestler praised the level of organisation of the Universiade, comparing the event to the World Championship. "The Universiade's organization and the number of spectators are different. I recently took part in the European Championship, which has not gathered such quantity of spectators. The Universiade, it's like the World Cup", - summed up Rumyantsev.




«R-Sport», 7 July 2013