27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Sports shooting. Preview of competition day

On July 15, athletes will compete for 6 medal events in the Rifle Shooting Range and in Sviyaga Shooting Range.

The competition will be held among women in rifle shooting from 3 positions at a 50 metres distance. Men will compete in rifle shooting at 50 metres from the prone position. They also have to go through the second stage of the competition shooting from a rapid-fire pistol from 25 metres. Competitions will take place in the team and individual events.

In the starting line-up of women athletes, are shooters from Slovakia, Argentina, Finland, Qatar, Czech Republic, Germany, Korea, Russia, Switzerland, Estonia, Singapore, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Thailand, Mongolia, Poland, Hungary, the UK, Mexico, Malaysia and Spain. On the Russian national team competing will be Daria Vdovina, Valentina Protasova and Paulina Khorosheva.

The starting line-up in the men’s rifle shooting at 50 metres includes athletes the following countries: Switzerland, Serbia, Poland, Mexico, Kyrgyzstan, Finland, Germany, Korea, Lithuania, France, Russia, Japan, the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Qatar, Ukraine Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Estonia and Belarus. Representing Russia will be Sergey Kamensky, Kirill Grigoryan and Nazar Luginets.

The second stage of the men's rapid-fire pistol event will be attended by athletes from the United States, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, France, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, China, Canada, Argentina, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic. The honour of our country in this discipline will be defended Dmitry Brayko, Aleksandr Alifirenko and Leonid Ekimov.

We should recall that on July 14 in the Rifle Shooting Range the first stage was held in the men’s rapid-fire pistol event. Also held were competitions in the women’s in air-rifle shooting from 10 metres in individual and team competitions.

At the end, qualifying for the finals were teams were Russia, China, Lithuania and the UK.

In the team competition in shooting from an air-rifle at 10 metres, the bronze medal was won by athletes from Korea, the Russian team won the silver, and the Chinese team won the gold.

Later on, the winners in the individual event were determined. In third place was the representative of the national team of Russia, Sergey Kruglov, in second place was also an athlete from Russia, Nazar Luginets. The winner was the athlete from China, Liu Zhiguo.

The women’s skeet shooting finals were held in the Sviyaga Shooting Range, the winner of which was representative of the national team of Thailand – Isarapa Imprasertsuk, the silver went to Sixue Huang from China, and Albina Shakirova, a Russian woman won the bronze medal.

Winning the gold in team skeet shooting was the Russian team composed of Nadezhda Konovalova, Anastasia Krakhmaleva and Albina Shakirova, and the silver went to representatives of Thailand Nutchaya Sut-Arporn, Isarapa Imprasertsuk and Nutchi Sut-Arporn. Kazakhstan, which was represented by Elvira Akchurina, Angelina Mishuk and Zhania Aydarkhanova, won the bronze.

In the sports shooting competition at the Summer Universiade 2013, which is taking place on July 12 to 17, are involved 404 athletes from 43 countries. The Russian team is represented by 34 participants.

In total, 34 medal events will be awarded for this sport.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate