27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Especially for Kazan 2013 volunteers

They painted the city of Kazan red - in the most literal sense of those words. Red buses - now two-storey ones at that - are travelling around the centre of the World University Summer Games in Kazan carrying volunteers in red-and-white uniforms. And these volunteers are often asked by people questions along the lines of "What's the point of volunteering? What are you doing this for?"


Realizing that the purpose of selfless assistance, just as is the case with the meaning of life, is difficult to explain, they talk about the opportunities for volunteers. For example, the doors that open for lots of entertainment venues during the Universiade.

Lets start with the biggest. Every day of the Games, from noon to 11 pm, the Universiade Park opens its gates near the Farmers Palace. And it is definitely worth visiting the park. The breeze blowing in from the Kazanka River perfectly accompanies relaxing under the hot July sun. Around the territory are interactive venues from the sponsors of the World University Summer Games in Kazan, the national courtyard, where Tatarstan's best regions demonstrate their crafts and colourful folklore programmes as well as stands with drinks and ice cream. Daily from 6 pm to 11 pm the best Russian and International groups perform on the main stage of the Universiade Park. Every day there is a new program, the finale of which is a special street show by Cirque du Soleil. Without a doubt, the most frequent guests of the park are the volunteers themselves, who are granted entrance with their volunteer accreditation.


However, if anybody who wants to can visit the Universiade Park, then only those people who have Volunteer marked on their accreditation can attend the MEGA-party. The party for volunteers takes place daily at 19:00 at the MEGA Shopping Mall.

The icing on the cake for volunteers is the fact that with their accreditation cards they can freely attend sporting venues during competitions provided that there are free places.

Volunteers who particularly distinguish themselves are rewarded for their efforts with a ticket to the Young Spectators Theatre or a cinema show at the KinoMax.Tandem cinema.


The motivational programme is highly diverse. However, the best pastime, according to the Kazan volunteers, is wandering about the city's sights as well as its streets and parks. Because, without a doubt, in the six years of preparations for the Games, the city has changed beyond recognition. The main pedestrian street is now crowded both during the day and late at night. Cyclists are cruising around everywhere on bicycles from Vel'ik. Out-of-town volunteers queue for the famous Kazan Riviera, cruises on the wide Volga River and excursions on double-decker buses as well as visit parks and theatres. After all, you can relax at the beach any time, but attending a world sporting event in your own country is far from possible every year. 

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate