27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Zajder Maciej: I hope that game against Russia will be better at Universiade

After a semifinal meeting in the men's volleyball tournament at the Summer Universiade 2013, Polish and Ukrainian athletes shared their thoughts on what worked and what did not work, as well as expectations of future battles for medals.

Zajder Maciej believes that the early games in the tournament helped the national team of Poland emerge as a strong team. “Early on, we had some very difficult games, against teams such as Australia and South Korea. These games have made us much stronger, made us feel like a team, like winners, and to support each other,” said the volleyball player. “That's why today we had a great chance of winning. If to look forward, I think that the decisive match against Russia will be much more interesting than against Korea. I hope this game will be the best among all the games of the Universiade, and I truly believe in our victory.”  


Universiade. Day 9. Volleyball © RIA Novosti/Vladimir Pesnya

Ukrainian player Mykola Moroz told why Ukraine failed to make it into the semifinals. Ukraine's national team player believes that his team lacked team spirit. “We did not have the teamwork, and no one acknowledged his own mistakes, but paid attention to those of others. They did not want to look for the causes of these errors in themselves. They did not support each other. If you scored – they’d say well done. If you lost – they’d give you a hard time. This is what distinguishes us from the Polish team, where they all supported one another,” says Moroz.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate