27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Fans' support at Universiade in Kazan!

People say that the support of fans accounts for 50% of a team's victory. That has been always true. During the 27th Summer Games in Kazan , the spectators’ seats at all the competition venues are filled, and one can hear fans’ exclamations and happy applause.


No special training is needed to become a true fan; endless love for sport and for your country is enough. The Universiade gave all Russian citizens, as well as foreigners to express support to their national teams, whether in front of TV screens or as real spectators.

Chants are the main way to support one’s team. From the country’s name and to chants motivating to win, fans spare no voice trying to shout these as loudly as they can. Very often, fans dress in their national colours or wear scarves or T-shirts with the names of their favourite teams. Wearing such stuff has become a tradition long ago.


The so-called fan-waves have become a famous flash mob. A wave performed by the entire stadium is considered to be the most beautiful one. It is exciting that fans of different teams are present at the tribunes. They have no special arrangements to make a wave. Usually, one person or several persons stand up and raise their hands, and the other people carry on these movements. This creates a wave covering the entire stadium; it looks amazing, and the athletes are also pleased.

Besides, true fans paint their faces in the colours of the national flag of their country or region, beat drums, whistle or simply clap rhythmically.


All the techniques described above are used at the 27th Summer Universiade. Crowds of people, massive support, excitement and hope for success – all this can be seen here several times a day, because competitions are held every day at different competition venues.

Russian teams are supported by both Russian and foreign fans. Being rivals, everyone still respects the other athlete’s victory. The other day, a men's basketball match was held between Ukraine and Russia. One could see people from Oman and Uganda, holding a Russian flag and shouting “Russia, Russia!!!” among Russian fans at the tribunes. That was an unusual picture, but they frankly were happy that Russia had won.


In addition to the main sport competitions, there is one more, secondary sport. It’s cheerleading that is considered to be among the most dangerous types of artistic gymnastics. It is usually practiced at schools, colleges and universities to support their teams. Usually, cheerleader girls wear a special uniform reflecting the colours of their teams. This kind of sport includes some elements of a show. A performance takes not much time (several minutes only), during breaks or when teams take a time-out. The main functions of cheerleading are to attract supporters to the stadiums and gyms, create a favourable psychological atmosphere at the stadium and, of course, support sports teams.

An amazing atmosphere dominates the competitions in any kind of sport. A kind of tandem forms between the athletes and the supporters, and it has been keeping pace with the Games. Such sports union is not a common thing, and the Universiade gives everyone a chance to get engaged in such a large-scale sports fest.



Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate