27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Baranovskiy: Rugby 7 tournament at Univerisade is too spread out

The spaced-out schedule of Rugby 7 tournament at the Summer Universiade 2013 is weakening the players, according to the head coach of the Russian women’s squad, Pavel Baranovskiy.

The Rugby 7 competition began on Sunday, when teams played their first match of the group stage. On Monday, Russia’s men’s and women’s teams played one game – the last of the tournament’s first round. The quarterfinals take place on Tuesday, and the final and the bronze medal play-off are on Wednesday. Usually Rugby 7 tournament takes place over two days.

“Such a spread-out schedule of games,” said Baranovskiy. “It’s not right. All year we prepared for a two day contest, and here it’s been stretched to four. It’s difficult both psychologically and physically. On top of this, the field is artificial, and the players are getting burns which turn into wounds which come open again. Four days of this kind of experience is tiring and difficult.”

In the quarter-finals of the Universiade the Russians will play Brazil, who came fourth in group B. There was a clear leader in that group – the United Kingdom – and of the other four teams there was no obvious underdog,” said Baranovskiy. “For us, the most important thing is to adjust, and return to the positive state we had after yesterday’s convincing victory. We can get back to that with our best game in the quarterfinals. We have to play with confidence, and win, and then our mood will have returned,” said the trainer.

The quarterfinal match between Russia and Brazil takes place on Tuesday at 10:00.

R-Sport, July 15