27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

In hot weather volunteers like to go for swim!

Volunteers have come from all over Russia to take part in the Universiade. Some guys are from the north. Kazan's hot weather is an excellent opportunity for them to get some suntan and relax on the beach in their leisure time.

The most popular place with the volunteers who like to relax on the beach is the Nizhneye Zarechye beach. It is located in the Moskovsky district, on the bank of the Kazanka river, next to the Kyrlay attractions. The main advantage of this beach is its location. Firstly, it is easy to get to virtually from any part of the city, hence the trip here will not take a lot of the volunteers' time, which is limited anyway. Secondly, from the river bank, there is a picturesque view of the main tourist attractions of the city – the Qolsharif (Kul Sharif) Mosque and the Kazan Kremlin. For a separate fee, you can go for a ride on a catamaran, soot in the shooting room or have fun playing beach volleyball with your mates. On the beach, there are showers and changing cabins as well as drinking water fountains. Swimming is permitted here, but the water is not very clean. Besides, although there are bins, people still leave rubbish behind, right on the sand.

Another beach which was approved for swimming straight after its first inspection is the beach on Komsomolskoye Lake. But it is not very popular with volunteers because it is a bit far away. This minus smoothly turns into a plus taking into consideration the fact that there are not so many people here and you get more freedom compared with the other beaches of Kazan. This beach is better equipped as well.  In addition to the changing cabins and showers, there are benches here as well where you can leave your items or even sports equipment. Besides, the place is quite clean: you will not see that appalling amount of rubbish that is scattered around on the other beaches.

On the bank of the Volga river, in the city centre near the railway station, there is another beach – Lokomotiv – which has a convenient location and is also popular with volunteers. Unfussy students do not care that the beach is quite small, not very clean and there are a lot of people here. The main thing is that it doesn't take long to get here.  By the way, the beach is equipped quite well. It also has changing cabins, showers and other necessary stuff. In addition to what was mentioned above, here you can also find a volleyball court along with a couple of cafes and shops.

The volunteers from the village of Yudino like the beach on Izumrudnoye Lake very much because it is very close to where they presently stay. It is a very beautiful place in a coniferous forest, with a clean sandy bank.  However, the cleanliness of the forest itself leaves much to be desired. There is a lot of entertainment on the beach: the catamaran, beach volleyball and an unusual trip on the water inside a transparent zorb ball.

Another place for recreation in the forest area is the beach on Glubokoye Lake. Here, volunteers enjoy beautiful nature and fresh clean air as the beach is in the pine forest, which is very good for your health.

The water in the lake is also quite clean and warm. Though the trip here takes longer, it is worth it.

The beach Riviera is another place for an excellent rest. This beach is of the European level, with white sand on the right bank of the Kazanka river, overlooking the white-stone Kazan Kremlin. There are comfortable deck-chairs here, a sauna, showers, changing rooms and heated-up swimming pools. There is also a sports field for beach volleyball and football here. On the beach, they have a rental centre where you can hire any necessary sports and aquatics equipment ranging from a badminton racquet to a water scooter. However, admission to the beach is not free. The high prices scare the student volunteers off in spite of the high European standards, hence there are not many who can afford recreation like that.

If the volunteers feel like having a rest somewhere far from the madding crowd of the city and they have enough spare time on their hands, then they go for a rest to the countryside. Most suitable for that are such places as the beach with clean sand in Borovoye-Matyushino (though you will to have to pay an admission fee there as well) and the "wild" beach in Zaimishche, which is an ideal combination of calm, clean sand and water.

The beach in Arakchino is worth visiting, too. A wide strip of sand, an optimal distance from the city, clean water and no people – all of that awaits those who love peace and quiet. Besides, this corner of the natural world is not known to many yet so there are no lots of people here. Not far from the beach, there is the legendary Temple of All Religions. Thus, by visiting the village of Staroye Arakchino, you can combine a pleasant and a useful thing together – relax on the beach and see a famous masterpiece of architecture with your own eyes.

The Republic of Tatarstan has its own sea – the Kuybyshev Reservoir (Laishevo). Here, the Kama flows into the Volga, which gets so wide that you can't see the other bank of the river. When you are in Laishevo, you get the impression that you are on holiday by the sea. The place is also attractive due to its clean water. It offers you a full set for an excellent rest – a sand and a stone beaches, a high bank suitable for diving, and this is where you and nature merge into one whole. 

Anastasia Trukhachyova, town of Engels

- Even before we started our volunteer work, we managed to spend time sunbathing on the beach Nizhneye Zarechye. The beauty of the view that unfolds from the bank is stunning! The Kazan Kremlin, the Kul Sharif Mosque, a fantastic waterfront – all of it right in front of you. I live on the Volga and go to the beach very often, but our town cannot boast of such amazing views from the beach. Thank-you to Kazan for the cultural pleasure.

Firuza Davletshina, Kazan

- The beach Riviera is very popular among the volunteers. We mainly work in two shifts. We either come to the beach in the morning to get a positive charge for a productive working day or relax there after work. If we have a day off, we can spend a whole day on the beach, from morning till evening.

At the moment, it is not very safe to swim in the city's rivers and other bodies of water, and many beaches are totally closed. In such hot weather, it is very hard just to lie in the sun and sunbathe, the temptation is so big to go for a swim. And Riviera has a great swimming pool with clean water, a lot of entertainment plus high-quality service. You can always meet your friends here and have a great time. And any amount of money is worth paying for that.

Maria Lubyan, Saratov

- In all that time that I have been in Kazan, I have not yet been able, not even once, to get to the beach. And still I will go back back home with an excellent southern suntan. I am working in a photo position in the Rowing Centre. I spend a lot of time in Kazan's hot sun each day. The spectacular views of the rowing canal dazzle the eye. In addition to that, I can also follow the competitions.

As for the athletes, they relax and sunbathe on the lawn in the Universiade Village when they are not at the competitions.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate