27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

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Russia's volleyball team defeats Czech Republic
08.07.2013  19:20

The Universiade volleyball tournament takes place at the 27th Summer Universiade on July 8.

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Sergey Shlyapnikov: Russian volleyball players are objectively stronger than the Americans
07.07.2013  23:38

Russian University team in volleyball is at a higher level than the U.S. team, Russian head coach Sergey Shlyapnikov told R-Sport Agency.

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Russian volleyball team beats Hong Kong at Universiade
07.07.2013  21:44

The Russian volleyball players beat the Hong Kong team in the second match of the group stage.

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Russian head coach Shlyapnikov: The nervousness bothered Russian volleyball players in game with South Korea
06.07.2013  17:15

The buck fever had an impact on play of Russian volleyball players at the beginning of match of the group stage with the South Korea team at the 27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013, the Russian head coach stated.

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Russian volleyball team defeat Korea at Universiade
06.07.2013  16:57

More volleyball matches have been played at the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan.

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Volleyball player Kivisild: I didn’t expect that Estonia would easily defeat the USA
06.07.2013  14:20

First volleyball matches took place at the 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan.

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First volleyball tournament matches held at Universiade
06.07.2013  14:03

On 6 July, the men’s volleyball teams started competing at the 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan.

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Volleyball: Preview of competition day
06.07.2013  09:00

Men's volleyball competitions of the 27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013 launched on July 6.

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Volleyball players from Russia and Ukraine hold friendly match
04.07.2013  09:30

Before the Summer Universiade’s official volleyball tournament starts, the finalists of the previous World University Games in Shenzhen came out at the court.

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