27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Olymp Stadium

Address: 65 Chistopolskaya St (How to pass)
Phone: (843) 231-02-38, (843) 562-03-91
Факс: (843) 231-02-39
Commissioning: 08.2010
Total area: 8 200 sq. m.
Number of seats: 1460 people
Sports hosted at venue:

The venue comprises a football stadium with track and field facilities, utility rooms and other premises. The stadium was inaugurated during the FIFA inspection team’s visit aimed at assessing Russia’s bid for the FIFA World Cup.

On the map

How to pass:
Chistopolskaya Street stop located in Prospekt F.Amirkhana Street: Buses No 28, 28а, 43, 54, 74, 74а, 97.
Chistopolskaya Street stop located in Chistopolskaya Street: Buses No 74, 74а, 75, Trolleybus No 18.

Dekabristov Street stop - Buses No 15, 33, 49,Trolleybus No 2, Chemists’ Palace of Culture - Tram No 5, 6, Yashlek underground station.


Venue’s intended use during 2013 Summer Universiade

Sport: football

Purpose: competition venue

Venue’s intended use before/after 2013 Summer Universiade: Teaching and training ground of Tupolev Kazan State National Research Technical University. Training venue for children and youth sports schools. Sports venue open for public use.

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