27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013


A whole series of competition and non-competition venues will be used at the 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan.

Competitions and training sessions will take place in 49 sports venues, 30 of which are specially constructed for the 2013 Games. As of June 2012, 27 venues have already been constructed and put into operation. The list of non-competition venues includes the Universiade Village (a place for the athletes and officials to stay during the 2013 Summer Universiade), Main International Centre and Universiade Opening/Closing Ceremonies Stadium.

All sports venues on the map

Basket Hall

Address: 1 Spartakovskaya St (On the map)
Phone: (843)291-15-00, (843) 291-15-70

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Biek Tau Sports Complex

Address: 11a Tsentralnaya St, Vysokaya Gora (On the map)
Phone: (84365) 3-15-68

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Vatan Sports Complex

Address: 8 Chuykova St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 561-01-22

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Itil Sports Complex

Address: 16g Daurskaya St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 561-01-20

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Miras Sports Complex

Address: 6 Dzhaudata Faizi St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 526-03-20

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Olymp Sport Hall

Address: 67 Chistopolskaya St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 231-02-38, (843) 562-03-91

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Triumph Multipurpose Sports Complex

Address: 19 Olega Koshevovo St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 562-06-44

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Forward Sports Complex

Address: 40 Khimikov St (On the map)
Phone: (843) 562-06-29

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